Sell WIFI & Cellphone Load*


Wifi Vendo in Cagayan de Oro City


* This is not a get rich quick scheme, but a device that allows you to share your internet and accept payment for it through coin drop.

How It  Works

The Wifi vending machine (A.K.A. "Wifi Vendo") is an IOT set packaged into a box that allows you to sell your internet connection for every Mb or Minutes of usage. What's great about it is it also allows you to sell cellphone loads without supervision as well.

All you'll have to do is plug it in to the internet and let it do it's selling magic.

Brought to You Directly by the Manufacturers

FOJR is the leading Wifi Vendo manufacturer in Cagayan de Oro City and has proudly been actively working and developing its own software for Wifi vending to bring you the most out of your Internet bill.

We created this device from the concept of Pisonet. The only difference that we are so excited about is that it can cater so much more customers at once.
The best part is, you don't have to replace any keyboards, or mouse. There's minimal maintenance needed.

Enjoy 2 Streams of Negosyo

With the recent updates made to our WiFi Vendo, you'll get twice more from 2 streams of negosyo in one box. We bring you the latest FOJR PISO WIFI version update:

"Duos" the 2 in 1 Wifi + E-Loading vendo.

Why Get One?

Ever wanted to start a business, but too busy with your day job?

or maybe wanted to lessen the cost of your internet bill?

or wanted to start earning passively?

If you said YES, it's clear you need one!

Let's face it.

We spend more time outside our home and wherever you are you still pay for your home internet 24/7. THAT'S NOT FAIR!

Stop paying for something you don't always use. It's time to let your internet pay for itself, so you can enjoy it for FREE. Impress your family and friends too! Trust me, they'll wish they had one too.

We're proud to say our purchasers have already made PHP300 - PHP1,000 per day**. It's enough to cover your PHP2,899 PLDT 50Mbs fiber internet connection bill.

** Earnings may vary on the location you deploy it on.

Why FOJR WiFi Vendo is The Best?

Earn Passively with Minimal Supervision

Earn with Minimal Supervision

Our WiFi Vendo is Fully Autonomous with minimal supervision. Just plug in to power and play. We've made it super easy to operate for both you and your customers. So you don't have to worry about it.

E-Loading Service TM, GLOBE, SMART

E-Loading Service

Get twice as more profit from 2 services and rebates through Take the hassle off your customers. 2-in-1 WiFi & E-Loading service in one place.

Account your profit with Sales Monitoring

Account your profit with Sales Monitoring

Know your sales, even before you open your cash box. Check your income right from your phone, tablet, or desktop.

No More Codes on Paper or Screen

No More Codes on Paper or Screen

Connect in 5-seconds.* No more codes required to connect to the WiFi. You'll be surprised how well your customer's feedback will be.

More Control with Adjustable Rates

More Control with Adjustable Rates

Want to get ahead of the competition? Adjust rates freely to your neighborhood's needs. You have the controls.

Continuous Features Software Updates

Continuous Features Software Updates

Never get beaten by competition, because we're in for the long term haul. Stay updated with the latest features. So you stay worry-free without spending for upgrades.

Other Features

Porn Block and Monitoring

Porn Block and Monitoring

Restrict access to any site.

Per User Bandwidth Limit

Per User Bandwidth Limit

Prevent abusive usage.

Accurate FIFO Coin Drop

Accurate FIFO Coin Drop

Serve customers in the right order.

Internet Cafe Timer

Internet Cafe Timer

Optionally use it as internet cafe timer.

Sell Data or Time

Sell Data or Time

Choose to charge by minutes or MB.

Remote Control

Remote Control

Conveniently shut it down remotely.

Long Range Wifi

Long Range Wifi

? 150-Meter Radius Signal Range.**

Easy to Spot Prime Locations

Not sure about your location?
Don't worry, you don't have to guess, you can ask us directly for placement tips or check the following:

Near School

Market Place

Bus Terminal

Any Crowded Place

Turn your Internet bill into profit

Ready to Start Your New Business?

Wifi Vendo in Cagayan de Oro City

Package Includes:

  • High Range 150-meter Radius Signal Extender
  • Free WiFi Vendo Sign (Tarpaulin)
  • 3-Month Warranty
  • Lifetime Support (Support Group)
  • Free Installation

PHP 11,500
PHP 9999

‚Äčyou can start your WiFi & E-Loading business.


We accept cash on delivery and payments via 

We empower people to start businesses from home.


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